Tempeh with Peking Sauce


A northern Chinese dish, with the characteristic seasonings of Hoisin Sauce, garlic and scallions.

PREPARATION: Heat 3 Tb. oil in non-stick pan over medium heat.  Fry tempeh until well browned. Remove and drain.

COOKING: Heat wok, add 2 Tb. oil. Add vegetables, stir-fry 2-3 minutes. Add 2 Tb. water, cover, steam 2 minutes. Add sauce, bring to a boil. Add tempeh and stir until heated through. Serve

1 package tempeh, cubed

1 zucchini, 1/2 inch cube

1 small bell pepper, 1/2 inch cube

1 carrot, 1/2 inch cube

6 fresh mushrooms, cubed

3 cloves garlic, minced

3/4 tsp. minced ginger

4 small scallions, 3/4 inch cut


1/2 tsp. sugar

1 1/2 tsp. cornstarch

1 tsp. white vinegar

3 Tb. Hoisin sauce

1 1/2 Tb. light soy sauce

3/8 cup stock